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Anxiety and Depression

So in what ways do men experience anxiety? For some of us, it can hit us out of the blue, a sudden feeling of fear and dread, often accompanied by the thought that we're going to die at any minute due to chest pain which seems like an imminent heart attack, an increasing heart rate, pain in the arm, shortness of breath and a generalized numbness and tingling in different parts of our bodies. We go to the ER, they run a bunch of tests and it turns out, no heart attack, just a feeling of fear and dread and we're told to start taking a baby aspirin and get some counseling for the panic attack we just experienced.

But what if it happens again? What do we do? Go to the ER again?

That's where counseling comes in...getting to the root of what is causing the anxiety. And that brings us to the most important question, where is all this coming from in the first place?

Sometimes to our surpise, it can be that our trauamtic childhoods can suddenly trigger an anxiety response from problems we're experiencing in the present...a troubling relationship, a tyrant for a boss, being fired or retired...the list is endless.

Men and depression...maybe you feel like you have no energy and can't get out of bed, that you've lost all interest in the things that used to excite you. Or perhaps you're tired of feeling irritable and frustrated and more than half the time, you don't even know why you feel that way in the first place!

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