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Areas of Expertise


Hyperactive? Can't concentrate or focus? Distractable? Won't do homework? Doesn't seem to listen? Or is he just "all boy?" These are some of the questions parents ask as they watch the grades slip and feel like there's something wrong with their parenting. 

Or what if you're an adult and you suspect that you have ADHD due to all your

procrastinating, uncompleted tasks, disorganization and chaos?

Men's Issues

What exactly are "Men's Issues?" Typically, men face a variety of challenges at different stages in life and there's no shame in asking for help when you feel like you can't take any more stress, frustration and anger. Maybe you find your relationship is becoming more complicated or you're questioning your role as a husband or father.

Teen Skateboarding

What if you've had a lifetime of struggle from abuse in childhood or even adulthood? Some of us are survivors of all kinds of abuse like sexual abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse, all of which can lead to numerous difficulties in relationships as well as within our own selves. It's never too late to start addressing and changing those challenges that often seem overwhelming.

Anxiety and/or Depression

Most of us tend to think of anxiety or depression as sadness, tearfulness or nervousness but in men, oftentimes we don't see sadness or tearfulness--instead we experience irritability, anger or recklessness in some cases.

Even just learning these differences can help alleviate symptoms and counseling can help us get to the cause and root it out once and for all.

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