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So what exactly are Men's Issues?

So from a therapeutic viewpoint, Men's Issues are problems that are common to men which typically include difficulty with expressing emotion, feeling frustrated or feeling that they've never achieved things in life the way they had planned.

Other issues can stem from coming from an addicted, chaotic or abusive family. If you were never really taught by parents how to regulate your emotions in a healthy manner when you were a child, how could you possibly have these skills as an adult man? Instead, all you may have learned is how to numb the pain with alcohol or drugs, sex, porn, anger, or some other method of coping with day-to-day life.

Naturally, these problems don't go away all by themselves and can wreak havoc on your primary relationships.

You may hear from your wife/girlfriend/significant other that you're "distant" or not "emotionally available" which often just makes you feel more frustrated and withdrawn. Or perhaps you've noticed you're isolating yourself more...not

engaging in the hobbies and interests that you used to enjoy and instead sit mindlessly web-surfing or channel-surfing,

wondering why you feel so lousy on the inside much of the time.

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