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Addiction...a multi-faceted condition that requires a multi-facted response and part of that response is indivdual counseling along with 12-Step work. Perhaps you recently completed alcohol and drug treatment either as an In-patient or through an IOP (Intensive Outpatent Program) and are now in the Aftercare process, those crucial days after treatment.

You may be attending AA or NA meetings every week and working with your sponsor but you still feel there are some issues which need to be addressed like how to maintain a healthy, balanced outlook or how to really apply the principles of AA in your daily life.

Or it could be that you've been clean and sober for a number of years but the same old issues keep coming up like communication problems with your partner or the kids are always getting on your nerves or that you feel "stuck" in your recovery.

Individual recovery counseling can be helpful, especially with a counselor who's been working in the addiction field for over 30 years, to help give you a non-judgmental different perspective.

Or it maybe something as simple as wanting to develop your personal spirituality.

Working a 12-Step program often can take you into uncharted waters spiritually as you leave the Santa Claus God concept of your childhood and enter a more mature relationship with the Higher Power of your own understanding.

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