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My wife asked me to do

the Honey-Do list, which

I will do--of course--

and that includes cleaning

the garage, watering the plant

(as I killed the others) and

running the dishwasher.

Definitely going to...once I figure

out how best to position

myself on the roof to watch

the solar eclipse,

which means I have to go

on the Internet to find out when

it's happening and look, here's

a story about a guy who's the

yo-yo champion of the world

and I think I could probably

come close to that if I really tried

hard but first I'll need to get

a yo-yo but I can't afford

those fancy kinds so I'll need to

make one and I know there has

to be a how-to-make-your-own

yo-yo on YouTube...

And now I find myself at Home Depot

in the lumber section asking

the guy how much do lathes cost

because I want to make my own

yo-yo and so I show him the

YouTube yo-yo guy on my phone...

And the wife is calling

wondering why I'm not

cleaning the garage and

where am I anyway?

I tell her I need to buy

a lathe because of the

yo-yo but I don't think she

understands, poor thing.

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